About Me

Skill Set

  • Unity
  • Windows Phone 8
  • C# & .Net (Certification – Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C# Specialist)
  • Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • Game Design
  • Cinema4D
  • Managing small projects
  • Written and verbal Finnish and English

As a developer, I’m goal-oriented (in that I’m equally interested in the ‘why’ and the ‘how’) and a firm believer in agility and constantly learning new things. My current learning goals are deepening my skills in Windows Phone 8 development, lean project management and software design patterns  in Unity.


  • BBA, Business Information Systems, Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2012
  • University courses 2001-2007, total 241 credits, mostly in
    • International Relations, specializing in conflict research
    • Economics
    • History
  • Matriculation Exam 1998

Relevant Work Experience

  • Software Development at Futurice September 2013-
    • Developing mobile apps with Windows Phone 8 and Unity
  • Co-founder and Lead Developer at Ifelse Media Ltd. 2011-
  • Miscellaneous web development projects and teaching gigs at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, including 5 months of internship doing web development. 2011-2012

Games I Play

I try to play a wide range of different games and to keep my mind open to all kinds of ways if gaming, but I do find myself gravitating towards certain kinds of games. Here’s a couple of games I find myself coming back to again and again:

  • Operation Flashpoint / ArmA series. I’ve been actively making missions for these for about 10 years. (Check out a couple of them in YouTube)
  • Civilization series
  • Total War series

Besides computer games, I also enjoy board games, such as Carcassonne, X-Wing and Elder Sign, Decipher’s now defunct Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, and roleplaying games (King Arhur Pendragon and Call of Cthulhu being all-time favorites).


I’m 35 years of age, married and have two young children. Besides games, my interests include studying history, especially anything concerning the upper paleolithic, late European iron age and the Finnish civil war.

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