Guardian of the Living Maze

My entry for Global Game Jam 2012. A two-player boardgame-like game build primarily for iPad, and also for the web. One player plays the Wizard, who tries to get to the center of the maze, and the other plays the Guardian, who tries to stop the Wizard by laying traps for him – but for every trap the Guardian must also place a reward.

The team had three members. My contribution to the project included design and programming.

Global Game Jam page

Meteor Impact

Missile command clone with vector-like graphics for iOS and Android.

  • Made with Unity
  • GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
  • Flurry analytics
  • Average iTunes rating 4 stars
  • Published by Ifelse Media Ltd. 2011

The game was developed by a team of three people. My contribution to the project included game design and programming.

iTunes / Google Play


The Living Flower

My entry for Viking Jam 2011. A cyberpunk FPS where you are trying to escape from a Good Citizen/Consumer Educational Facility. Avoid the cameras and the infrared sensors, and get to the elevator! Buying upgrades or getting limited time trials helps you on your way, but at the cost of your humanity…

The team had four members. My contribution to the project included design and programming gameplay.

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