The Ritual of Dagon

My team’s entry for Global Game Jam 2016. Made with Unity for PC and Android.

The Ritual of Dagon is a two player local multiplayer puzzle game where the other player is trying to form a given pattern with his characters before turn limit expires, and the other player tries to stop this by blocking movements with his own character.

Global Game Jam entry for the game

My was design and programming.


We Were Here

My team’s entry for Global Game Jam 2015. Made with Unity, mainly targeting Digistar 5 full dome projector at Särkänniemi Planetarium.

We Were Here is a single player game depicted as a cave painting, where the player manages a tribe of stone age people who are hunting and gathering food.

My contribution in out team of six was design and programming.


Thump Thump Who's There

Thump Thump Who’s There

My entry for Global Game Jam 2013, made with Teemu Havulinna and Sini Haapanen. Runs in Unity Web Player and on the iPad (available at AppStore).

Thump Thump Who’s There is a party game for up to five players. Learn the secret knocks, and be the first to open your door – but be sure to open only when the door is properly knocked!

My main contribution to the project was programming.

Go see the game’s Global Game Jam page, or play in browser.

Guardian of the Living Maze

My entry for Global Game Jam 2012. A two-player boardgame-like game build primarily for iPad, and also for the web. One player plays the Wizard, who tries to get to the center of the maze, and the other plays the Guardian, who tries to stop the Wizard by laying traps for him – but for every trap the Guardian must also place a reward.

The team had three members. My contribution to the project included design and programming.

Global Game Jam page

The Living Flower

My entry for Viking Jam 2011. A cyberpunk FPS where you are trying to escape from a Good Citizen/Consumer Educational Facility. Avoid the cameras and the infrared sensors, and get to the elevator! Buying upgrades or getting limited time trials helps you on your way, but at the cost of your humanity…

The team had four members. My contribution to the project included design and programming gameplay.

Play in browser